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Welcome to Glass Planner

Developed alongside the team at Coast 2 Coast Glass, Glass Planner completely re-invigorates all aspects of workflow and job management. Through every step of every job, Glass Planner provides complete transparency and up-to- date information no matter how simple or complex the job may be.

With years of industry experience, Ian Simeon has worked to develop an economical software solution for any size Glass Replacement Company. As the standards were raised by his clients, he realised that there was a need for specific, up-to- date and relevant software to manage all aspects of glass jobs. That is when he started developing Glass Planner. With a large array of features, tailored directly towards the glass industry, Glass Planner is a revolutionary tool for Glazing Professionals everywhere.

Both Ian and Ben rely on this software for running Coast 2 Coast Glass and are constantly developing it to ensure that it handles everything they need for the day-to- day operations as well as in growing the business.